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Kehitämme kanssasi yrityksesi prosesseja nopeasti ja tehokkaasti, oli sitten kyse uusien ideoiden jalostamisesta tuottavuuden parantamiseksi ja kilpailukyvyn kehittämiseksi tai kehitysideoiden luomisesta tyhjästä.

Järjestämme organisaatioosi kehitystiimit kilpailemaan hackathonin tai creathonin muodossa fasilitoimme tapahtuman alusta loppuun, tai sparraamme kanssasi omin voimin.

Kauttamme saat myös MES-ohjelmiston tai räätälöidyn kehitysohjelman rahoitusratkaisun tueksi.

Ole yhteydessä niin jutellaan!

2 days to ExpoHack

There’s only 2 days before the first ExpoHack kick-off in Lahti Expo Centre. The tasks are about recycling and circular economy, subjects that are very familiar to students in Lahti, especially LAMK’s students of environmental engineering and civil engineering.


Recycling and waste circulation are always up-to-date tasks to the plastics and packaging industries, which are well presented in the Expo Centre between April 20-21, when the Muovi&Pakkaus (Plastics&Package) Expo takes place in the Expo Centre of Lahti. So I believe the hackathon participants gain much attention from the stakeholders during the competition. And it works also to the other direction: the contestants may receive valuable information from the the fair exhibitors to particular questions when solving the challenges, if they just go and ask.

So far there are 25 participants listed in the hackathon, divided in 9 teams, so there will be 9 different and interesting solutions which are to be pitched on Friday afternoon this week. Among the favorites are the winners of Joros Industrial Hackathon, Logmasters from XAMK (Kotka), but e.g. The Green Guys (XAMK also) will make it be very tight, and of course the results depend on the jury.

The hackathon starts on Thursday, 10:15 am and after the opening ceremony, the participants pay a visit to the PHJ’s recycling center Kujala to take a closer look at a modern waste management plant and its operations. After that we will go back to the Expo Center and the work begins and continues until the noon on Friday.

So we at hackmaker are looking forward to a very interesting and tight competition between enthisiasted and innovative teams, a hackathon that gains much attention from the media and Fair exhibitors. See you in a couple of days in Lahti!


re-inventing the recycling

We are proud to welcome everyone interested in re-inventing the recycling to the first #ExpoHack in Lahti. The Hackathon will be organized during the Muovi&Pakkaus (Plastics & Packaging) -expo in Lahti  by Lahden Messut and Ladec Oy.

The competition will begin on April 20 at 10.15 am and end the next day at 2 pm. Please send your applications to the hackathon here . We are able to provide a tour to the Kujala waste station on Wednesday at 11 am.

Link to the application form:

Be quick! We are able to invite only 50 participants (15 teams) in the hackathon.

The challenges are:

  1. New technology from recycling:  A challenge where the teams must combine intelligent and innovative solutions to develop the collecting of waste for recycling.
  2. Business from Recycling:  Create or develop business model and/or communicational solution to enhance the performance of circular economy.


More information: kimmo.haapea(at)

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